How You Can Help

Alice & the Monster is an independent production, funded by its creators. We’ve a track record of making beautiful, critically-acclaimed, award-winning independent content. But to make these beautiful things, we need help. Even the smallest donation helps make A&M possible.

We are extremely grateful to the individuals that have helped us reach this crucial point in the production process. We know we have fantastic material and are now looking for the funds to finish the product and get it out to a theater near you. The more we raise, the higher the quality the product will be, and the bigger the launching pad for its success. We believe that the production value and acting are worthy of amazing color, sound, effects, and music and thank you unconditionally for helping Alice reach her full potential. Stay tuned for updates about our progress!

Perks for all our donors:

$10 – Indie Art Lover
Indie Lovers will get sincere thanks on the Alice & the Monster website and special access to breaking Alice & the Monster news.

$20 – Indie Art Supporter
Indie Art Supporters get everything above, plus:

  • digital copy of the Alice & the Monster shooting script
  • special access to see the finished Alice & the Monster before the rest of the public!

$100 – Indie Spirit Guide
Spirit Guides get everything above, plus:

  • an Alice & the Monster poster (once released)
  • a DVD (once released)

$1,000 – Indie Art Patron
Indie Art Patrons get everything above, plus:

  • special “Patron” credit in the end credits
  • personalized video thank-you from the cast & creators
  • cast/crew & donors-only exclusive t-shirt
  • invite to premiere party in Los Angeles

$3,000 – Indie Art Partner
Indie Art Partners get everything above, plus:

  • Associate Producer credit in the end credits
  • invite to a special round-table discussion with the cast & crew once the project has completed

$10,000 – Indie Art Producer
Indie Art Producers get everything above, plus:

  • Co-Producer credit in the end credits
  • access to early rough-cuts, other works-in-progress during post-production
  • opportunity to give feedback on rough cuts during post production, and have discussion with the creators as the show takes shape in production and post-production